Judgement Call


“I should have…they should have…the world would be so much better if only they would…”

“Oh, hello Judgement. I thought we were taking a break. Remember how I said I felt so much better when you weren’t around?”

It’s hard to accept when we are being judgmental. However, the more we pretend (to ourselves) we’re not being judgy, the tighter its grip becomes.

This quiet exercise can help you release your judgement:

  • Take a deep breath and let your entire body fill with your judgement. SHAME. ANGER. RIGHTEOUSNESS. It’s okay.
  • Now let go of any negative feelings you have about your judgement (no judging the judgement) and just witness it. Make a note: This is what judgement feels like in my body.
  • You are not your judgement. It is separate from you. If it fills you, it cannot be you. 
  • Cup your hands in front of your body. Take a deep breath and on your exhale, let all of the judgement exit and rest in your hands. Repeat until your body is clear and all of the judgement is condensed into the cup of your hands.
  • Recognize again that the judgement is not you. It is an energy. Now it is in your hands.
  • Take a deep breath and move your hands apart, palms to the sky. Let your exhale blow the judgement out into the Universe.
  • Let yourself sit in this space of freedom. You are free to be you. You are free of judgement.
  • Now that you’re alone, ask yourself what’s really going on. Be honest with yourself. You can handle the truth.

Judgement is calling your attention to what lies beneath it.


    • You are enough. Right now. As-is. PERIOD.
    • Everyone is doing the best they can at this moment.
    • We are all growing and learning together.

Be inspired. Go forth. Create your day.

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