Starting Tomorrow by Nikki Lampe Nalchajian

If anyone found out my secret, they would think—make that, know—I’m totally disgusting. I look in the mirror and tell myself it’s the last time. Sadly, it never is. UNTIL NOW. New Year’s Resolution: Stop doing things that are bad for me!

Sixteen-year-old Mackenzie (Mack) Stewart is determined to gain control over her body. She starts a journal to track what she eats and chronicle feelings about her whirlwind life filled with friends, crushes, high school parties, and lots of secrets. Her diary is packed with the daily drama of her family and three best friends. Using charts, self-interviews, pretend newspaper articles, emojis ❤️, and entries written like scenes from a novel, Mack weaves her way through a messy, funny, and tragic teenage world.

As she plunges into a tailspin, she makes every excuse to avoid seeing the destructive reality of her eating disorder. Mack’s life is headed towards disaster if she continues down the same path. Will Mack’s strength give her the courage to change course and face her pain and self-doubt?

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