This Much Is True


I have been struggling with what to write. Struggling, period. I saw an ad for the new HBO series, I Know This Much Is True, based on the novel by Wally Lamb. I loved that book. I found myself thinking, “What do I know is true?”

I have been reviewing my past posts, and my favorites deal with faith in the Universe, faith in people, and faith in myself.

So, this is what I know is true:

  1. We are enough.
  2. Our thoughts create our reality.
  3. We are one.

I have absolute faith in these truths. When I focus on them, I feel no struggle, only inspiration.


  • Remind yourself that you are enough, right now, as-is. Your worth is not tied to what you do or who you think you are.
  • Spend time thinking about how you want your life to be. Replace thoughts of what you don’t want with what you do want.
  • Remember we are a collective. We are here to hold up mirrors for each other.

“I walked over and looked closer at the statue of the goddess. She was wearing a headdress with a skull and a cobra and a crescent moon. Maybe this is what peace of mind was all about: having a poisonous snake on your head and smiling anyway. ”

― Wally Lamb, I Know This Much Is True

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