Pretending It Doesn’t Hurt


Growing up, I learned that when you fall, you get up and brush off the dust. You ignore that your knee is bleeding and you say, “That didn’t hurt. Let’s go.”

While this is super helpful in overcoming obstacles, it has an inherent problem. When something hurts and you tell yourself it doesn’t, you force that pain inside. The pain becomes trapped in the lie you tell yourself. 

The physical example of a literal fall is helpful for me.

Scenario #1 (denying the pain)

  • You fall and skin your knee.
  • You brush it off and move on, without tending to the scrape.
  • The scrape becomes infected until it hurts so much you can’t ignore it anymore.
  • You clean out the wound, put a bandaid on, and the healing begins.

Scenario #2 (acknowledging the pain)

  • You fall and skin your knee.
  • You pause and wash the scrape.
  • As you wash your knee, you consider why you fell. You realize you were rushing and not paying attention. 
  • You put on a bandaid and consider your next step.
  • You take that next step with intention.

When you acknowledge your pain every time you are hurt, physically or emotionally, pain becomes a teacher instead of a nuissance. Rather than criticizing yourself for being clumsy, you recognize the fall as a strategy to get your own attention. Pain is your teacher. Listen to it and know it is okay to hurt in this moment. Pain will leave on its own accord when you have gained the wisdom it is here to teach you.

Love yourself. Trust your body. 

Go forth. Be inspired. Create your day.

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