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Week of Time – Wednesday

The best way to harness time is to observe it. Think of the pot of water you’re watching, or the red light you’re stuck at when you’re running late.

It’s Wednesday…Solar Plexus chakra. It’s a good day to manifest time.

Today’s inspiration: Observe

How to do it: To capture time, we need to be still. A watched pot never boils because we become conscious of time. A minute of meditation can feel like an hour for the same reason. Perhaps we become conscious of our habitual neglect of time. We usually pay attention to it only when we want more or less of its presence. And yet, it is steadfast. Time is always there for us.

  • Set your phone timer for five minutes and be still.
  • Think about time. It doesn’t matter if your thoughts are positive or negative, just keep thinking about it. Even if you just think, “When will this be over?” you will have paid attention to time for a full five minutes.
  • Time will be grateful and will pay attention to you in return.

Example: No example…Just set your timer right now and try it. Do one minute if you don’t have five!

Be inspired. Go forth. Create your day.

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