Get Your Red On



It’s Monday—Root Chakra—RED. If you’re feeling celebratory, make it a RED SPARKLY day! Or if you’re hanging on by a thread, make it a RED STRENGTH day.

To ground:

  • Sit in a chair and plant your feet flat on the ground.
  • Imagine your feet lighting up red.
  • Feel the support of the earth. “I’ve got you.”
  • Pull the earth’s red energy into your body, and fill yourself up with love and support.
  • Every step you take today, feel energy come up from the earth through your feet.
  • When you lie down to rest, feel the support of the earth. She is here for you.

Get practical: Focus on foundational tasks today.

  1. Breathe in until you can’t take another sip of air. Hold for a few seconds, then exhale until there’s not a bit of air left in your lungs. Beautiful! Self-care for today. Check.
  2. Pay your bills.
  3. Order gifts that need to arrive by Christmas. If you order today, you won’t need to pay rush shipping.
  4. Think of someone you wanted to connect with this year and write them a note. Text, email, handwritten card—whatever works. Tell them you are glad you connected, or tell them you are thinking about them and want to connect. Connection is the cornerstone of a good foundation.
  5. Make your to-do lists. Today. This week. This month. Now cross off half of each list. Ask yourself, if this were my last day, week, month, what would stay on this list? When in doubt, take it off the list and add it to the If-I-finish-everything-else-and-feel-bored list.
  6. Pick one thing you must accomplish today. ONE. Get it done and congratulate yourself.
  7. If you’re out shopping for Christmas, buy yourself some red underwear and put it on every Monday. It’s a great way to start each week.
  8. Bonus: Each time you pass a tree, say hello. I’m reading The Overstory by Richard Powers. Highly recommend! The Goodreads review reads, “There is a world alongside ours—vast, slow, interconnected, resourceful, magnificently inventive, and almost invisible to us.” Tru dat. Trees are magic. Say hello. It might change your life. 

Be inspired. Go forth. Create your day.

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