Political Freedom


Remember: It’s not the president who controls this country, it’s US.

If you want to find political freedom, put your energy towards the candidate you believe best serves humanity, and then let go of your attachment to the result of the election. Elected officials serve our evolution, even if we don’t understand how. Let’s work together, and resist the temptation to let a figurehead tear us apart.

FIGHT FOR, not against. Believe that the highest and best is possible, even if it seems like we are stuck. If we want our leaders to be inspirational, we must start with our own actions. Another person’s opinion isn’t about you—if their opinion upsets you, the fact that you’re upset is about you. Go inward and figure out the deeper source of your discomfort and then get to work on yourself, not them. We change the world from the INSIDE OUT!

WE THE PEOPLE are in charge of our destiny. Political leaders are a mirror. The more individually empowered we become, the more our elected leaders will reflect our empowerment.

Be inspired. Go forth. Create your day.

When someone makes you furious, it’s time to dig! Some posts that might be helpful:

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